No Facebook, No Problem

Facebook is a drug, y’all. I kid you not, getting off of it was a cycle of withdrawal, mourning it’s loss, and then itching to get it back. Yeah, I understand that what I just said is an ignorant way to compare something to an actual drug addiction, but you get my point.

It was the end of December and my heart literally couldn’t handle one more insanely racist Facebook post, so I deactivated my account and deleted the app from my phone. At first, it was really fucking hard. And then I did it for a week. And then two weeks. And now it’s been almost a month. And I honestly don’t think I’ll go back.

I was piping off hot on Facebook every day it seemed and it was absolutely draining my mental and emotional energy. I wasn’t able to focus when I was trying to come up with a witty comment or title to a re-post and my anxiety reached maximum capacities when family members and friends would comment in disagreement of my opinions. I was the person everyone rolled their eyes at, or so it seemed. If you feel like you’re that person and the fucks you have left to give have runneth out, this may be a switch you want to make for a while.

I’ve been into these social media experiments lately, between using hashtags on my photos to locking down my social media, all the way to deactivating my Facebook. It’s been cathartic for a few reasons:

  1. I spend more time doing things I enjoy like cooking, reading and being with Jacob and Fenton
  2. I don’t have anxiety about my posts being controversial or striking someone the wrong way. My social anxiety has lowered significantly because of this.
  3. I’m less distracted while I’m doing work for grad school
  4. I can focus more on branding my Instagram in a way that serves me and pleases me
  5. My blog is seeing a lot of action!

At the end of the day, your social media preferences are yours and yours alone. I’m not here to preach a way of life to ya, just to offer some observations I’ve had since ditching the Book. It’s been an amazing life change that I’m really looking forward to continuing.

But if anyone wants to forward along some of the drama and inevitable marriage engagements, my inbox is always ready.

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