I’m falling in love with Sunday’s. Sleeping in, not having to go to work, having a little bit of extra coffee before getting started for the day.

I’m also head over heels for Sunday’s because it’s the one day out of the week that I really feel good in my skin (Woah, did I actually just say that??)

The past few Sunday’s since getting started with my strength coach (she helps me with self-love, fitness, and breaking up with perfect eating) have been pure bliss. It seems to be the time for me to let go of the things going on in my life and pay attention to what I need. Asking myself at the start of the day “Em, what do you need today to succeed?”

Usually that looks like 3 things:

  1. Fresh Air – taking Fenton for a walk, going to the farmer’s market, etc.
  2. Relaxation – journaling, watching a favorite show, reading, etc.
  3. Preparation – grocery shopping, meal prep, making sure I’m good to go for the work week, etc.

As I sit here reflecting on the solace and peace in my Sunday routine, I can’t help but wonder why I can’t make this part of my daily life?

To be honest, I wake up about 30-40 minutes before I need to leave for work. Why? Because my dog is super cuddly between the hours of 7am-8am and my gravity blanket feels like a million pounds on top of me keeping my body from moving. Instead of taking a few seconds to ask myself “Hey girl, what do you need today to succeed?” I fly through my morning routine not giving myself the space to figure out what I’m feeling/needing. These things that will help me be present and show up mind, body and soul to work and for my family are small changes I’m committed to making.

Changes like these don’t happen overnight, and they certainly don’t happen unless you are able to reflect. I’ve been horrible at self-reflection the past few months, even close to a year now. Journaling and keeping myself accountable to listening to my body on all counts has allowed me to pull the curtain back on my issues with being honest with myself, though. I’m not honest with myself about what I need, what kind of food my body really needs, or how I’m truly feeling on the inside about my body. I’m also not honest with myself about how I’m handling stress most days, what I need when my anxiety sparks, or how others’ words have hurt me. A lot can be said about people who know themselves inside and out. They have more confidence and are able to be fully present in every moment. I’m getting there.

I hope your Sunday’s are fun, prosperous, and full of belly laughs with your loved ones.


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