Hurry Up and Wait

I’m all about those immediate results. Likes on an Instagram post, read receipts on iMessage, and online shopping— those are just the basics.

One thing that has always been so frustrating to me with weight loss is how long the process can be. It doesn’t change overnight. It doesn’t even change in a week. It’s a process that takes patience, a skill that I have never quite mastered.

Every diet program I’ve been on, every exercise regiment I’ve done, every personal trainer I’ve had in the past— I’ve quit. I’ve quit because I don’t see results quick enough. When progress was being made, I was getting stronger. I was learning how to navigate diets. But what wasn’t happening was weight loss. It was fucking annoying.

Something I’ve learned over the years is that progress takes time. I know I sound like your 4th grade teacher giving you advice when you don’t understand the math question on the board, but seriously. It takes a ridiculous amount of time.

When you begin a weight loss journey that includes nonrestrictive practices, meaning you aren’t restricting any foods from your diet, it’s A LOT harder to see results. When you start to include those more inflammatory foods back into your diet, it’s hard for immediate weight loss to be your reality.

But…. here’s the thing….

You’ll start to see it.

Once you allow yourself the freedom to eat foods you like in moderation, you will start to see a change in your mindset and your body. You won’t feel anxious about including certain foods in your diet and you will start to eat in moderation, helping you reach some of your weight loss goals.

Let me explain– by incorporating your favorite foods into your every day life and learning normalcy around those foods, you are far less likely to binge eat. Binge eating is the main reason I’ve gained so much weight over the last 3 years.

The cycle of restricting –> binging –> feeling horrible about myself was a never ending and toxic cycle.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but it has been the first thing that has worked for me. I have had to bust my ass in the gym and during my home workouts just to see small results (my pants fitting a little better, having more energy, etc) but I’ve been able to stick with it for three months. THREE MONTHS! That’s a new record for me.

Bottom line, you WILL see results eventually. Give yourself the space and time to figure out what works for your body. Consult with a health coach or dietitian. Learn everything you can about how food works in your body. It will give you more peace of mind while you navigate this process.

The whole point of this post is to give peace to those who are maybe struggling with hefty weight loss goals and may be frustrated with their lack of progress.

Every day that you work towards your goal is progress. It may seem small, but you’re getting there. Trust me… I’m right there with you.



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