Being Plus Sized – Pt. 3

Last night, I went to sports bra yoga– it was an event sponsored by two women who I look up to so much in the work of body positivity. The event was called “This Is Me.”

The whole entire day, even the few days before, I was shaking in my boots. I don’t do things like this. If something feels too vulnerable, I run far, far away from it. I don’t voluntarily sign up to take my shirt off in public.

I was terrified of being half naked in front of strangers who I assumed would all be skinny yogis. I couldn’t have been more wrong about what I was walking into.

When I got to the studio, I was overcome with fear. I sat in my car and counted to three about ten times before I even had the courage to walk in. Once I finally did, I was so happy I chose to take this risk.

There were women of such diverse body types all around the studio. I was immediately welcomed and accepted and told that I was going to be okay. I took my shirt off and wore my sports bra in front of people for the first time in many years. Like…. ten years honestly. It was fucking liberating.

For some reason, in this space, I didn’t feel uncomfortable being in my sports bra. I felt empowered. And I think that was for a few reasons:

  1. Everyone in that room was vulnerable. Every. Single. Person. Knowing and feeling how open and accepting everyone was helped me feel at home in my skin.
  2. Julie read to us during our yoga session a passage from @bodyposipanda’s book where she talked about the path to body acceptance and love. Those simple words shaped how everyone chose to move forward in their bodies during the program.

The biggest thing that was reiterated last night was that there is no wrong way to have a body. As women, we are taught to tie our self-worth to our bodies when in fact, that is such a toxic way to live.

If we learn to accept ourselves the way we are, meet ourselves where we’re at, we could be unstoppable.

If we learn to shed the notion that we have to look a certain way to practice yoga, go to the beach, or be present in our experiences, our lives would improve greatly.

If we do the work, we will be liberated from the feeling that we are not good enough.

I promise that you are, indeed, good enough. 



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