Ep. 12 – Thank You Dr. Ford

This week on the pod we're talking about the Kavanaugh hearings and how sexual assault is prevalent in the lives of so many women. We'll talk about the backstory of Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as well as how to move forward as women and as we think about raising our children. Sincerely,... Continue Reading →

Ep. 8 – This Is America w/ Rekha Mitchell

On this week's episode of Sincerely, Em I sit down with Rekha Mitchell, a young black woman who is sharing her experiences with racism and self-caring through the current political climate. You'll also hear about how she manages to stay positive despite being torn down by the people closest to her. I'm so impressed by... Continue Reading →

Ep. 6 – Anxiety

We're talking about anxiety on this week's episode of Sincerely, Em. Anxiety comes in all different forms and a lot of us deal with it daily. Tune in to hear more about my journey with anxiety and the things I've  done to make it part of my every day life.  Episode Notes: Anxiety and Depression... Continue Reading →

Ep. 4 – Self Care in Politics

This week on Sincerely, Em we're getting pretty political. I'm talking about self care in politics and how it is an act of political warfare within itself. We'll hear from Taylor Phillips, a current Legislative Aide in the Ohio Statehouse as she talks about her "how-to's" of taking care of yourself when you're in the... Continue Reading →

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