“Sincerely, Em” Podcast Episodes

Ep. 12 – Thank You Dr. Ford

This week on the pod we're talking about the Kavanaugh hearings and how sexual assault is prevalent in the lives of so many women. We'll talk about the backstory of Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as well as how to move forward as women and as we think about raising our children. Sincerely,... Continue Reading →

Depression as an Extrovert

I'm an ENFJ. For those of you not familiar with what that means, it's a personality code, and I happen to have the same one as Barack Obama. Future President alert?? Among the many things that each letter stands for, the one letter I'm focused on for the purpose of this post is the E.... Continue Reading →

As Women, How Do We Heal?

I've been thinking a lot lately about healing. How do we heal ourselves, as women, from the societal pressure that's been put on us since we were old enough to read? As women, the odds are automatically stacked against us. We have to work twice as hard for the same reward. For women of color,... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward, Not Looking Back

TW: suicide, self harm  I didn't think I wanted to write about this. I thought it was petty and stupid and didn't deserve it's own post. But now that I've sat with it for about 24 hours, I know it's right to just put it out there. To be honest and vulnerable in the hopes... Continue Reading →

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